Mentoring Services for Aspiring Leaders

This service is provided to individuals seeking mentorship in the areas of leadership and overall professional development; and is suitable for new supervisors, managers, directors or anyone who aspires to become a leader in the human services profession. For... read more

Medication Management & Evaluation

Our in-house Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner provides medication management services for members of the community who are in need of continued access to medication supports. In addition, she is available to assess and evaluate an individual’s use of legally prescribed... read more

LGBT-Specific Services

Finding welcoming and non-judgmental healthcare and related services can be challenging for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. In addition to the Capital Region resources listed below, LGBTQ individuals and their loved ones... read more


Albany Behavioral Health provides in-home assessment and intervention services during the difficult pre-treatment stages, when loved ones are having difficulty distinguishing between patterns of drug using behaviors and addictive behaviors. The service is geared... read more

Medical Marijuana Referrals

Medical Marijuana has been proven to benefit patients suffering from a variety of critical and/or chronic illnesses. Albany Behavioral Health can provide referrals to a local, certified provider who can educate clients about New York State’s medical marijuana program... read more

Holistic Referrals

While Albany Behavioral Health is committed to providing excellent professional care to those experiencing psychosocial problems, sometimes an individual’s needs are beyond the scope of our services. In such instances, we provide referrals to an appropriate provider... read more

DWI Assistance

DWI is a serious offense and in New York State the punishments (from steep fines to loss of driving privileges and even jail time). As such, no one arrested for DWI should attempt to face the court alone. Albany Behavioral Health can provide referrals to local... read more