Medication-Assisted Recovery | 6 CEUs

This 6-hour training will focus on the importance of medication-assisted recovery as a pathway of recovery. Emphasis will be placed on using science as a springboard to eliminating the stigma of addiction as a moral failing to one that embraces the chronic care disease model of which medications such as suboxone and methadone play a significant role in achieving sustained recovery.

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Comprehensive Case Management

This 6-hour training will explore the history of case management in multiple human service environments and organizations, and include a review of the skills and preparation necessary for certification. Much of the focus will be on client advocacy, wellness and recovery, assertiveness and evaluation skills, and the importance of case management in multi-systems and community engagement.

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Women and Substance Use Disorders

This 6-hour training will explore the most effective models of care for women with substance use disorders. Reasons for the delay in seeking help, barriers to outreach and treatment (including the stigma attached to women struggling with SUD), and specialized treatment settings for those who would do better in gender specific settings will be discussed.

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Using the DSM-5

This 4-hour training will focus specifically on the diagnostic tools used in diagnosing mental health and substance use disorders and help participants understand why individuals have a particular problem in the first place and how to seek patterns for remediation.

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Interventions for Families | 6 CEUs

This 6-hour training will present an in-depth examination of the specific characteristics, dynamics and best practices in interventions for those working with families affected by chemical dependency and/or mental illnesses. The training will provide details relative... read more

Recovery Coach Training | 30 CEUs

This five-day training utilizes the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) model. Its purpose and focus is on training individuals interested in becoming peer-based recovery supports to individuals recovering from chemical dependency.

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This 6-hour training examines the history of the disease, the role of prevention and treatment, and subsequent cure; and will provide health and human service workers, providers and counselors with information relative to providing care and services to individuals with Hepatitis “C”, as well as those at risk of becoming infected.

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HIPAA Standards (65CFR) | 6 CEUs

This 6-hour training will explain the use and disclosure of identifiable health information allowed or permitted by HIPAA privacy regulations, regardless of the healthcare setting. The training will be specific to the scope of practice that the participants will be... read more

Harm Reduction Techniques | 6 CEUs

This 6-hour training will provide a framework in which to understand harm reduction principles and techniques as they relate to working with individuals unable to refrain from behaviors that increase their risk of exposure to chronic disease, the criminal justice system, and other psychosocial harms including drugs and alcohol.

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Cultural Competency

This 6-hour course will address the meaning and importance of cultural competency and provide a conceptual framework for policy makers and organizations to build upon.

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Conducting Effective Psychosocial Evaluations

This 6-hour course will focus on key elements of importance in conducting effective client evaluations. The purpose and various topic areas of evaluations will be explored relative to collecting all information necessary for the development of an individual action... read more

Counselor Ethics | 12 CEUs

This 12-hour training will explore and discuss the counselor’s various ethical responsibilities and practices, as well as individual and organizational values to be practiced in the workplace. It will also explore how these values and responsibilities apply to various... read more

Confidentiality Standards | 6 CEUs

This 6-hour training will cover organizational standards for managing confidentiality of records; including established standards for obtaining and releasing them. Emphasis will be placed on existing New York State laws and how they intersect with federal laws.

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Corporate Compliance | 12 CEUs

Corporate compliance refers to policies and procedures that must be implemented and adhered to in order to keep businesses and programs in good standing with the various federal and state laws and regulations. This 12-hour training is designed to assist program... read more

Burnout a Condition of Modern Societies | 6 CEUs

This 6-hour training will provide a framework for understanding Counselor Burnout as it relates to work; and will pay particular attention to high stress and/or critical work environments (e.g. working with individuals who struggle with substance use disorders; many... read more

Clinical Supervision

This 12-hour training will provide a framework for the definition and usefulness of clinical supervision, identify the role of the supervisor (as well as the dimensions of clinical supervision), and describe the adult learning theory as it relates to clinical... read more