Our services are broad in scope and at the same time specialized:


Assessment for substance use disorders associated with prescription medications

This service will be provided to individuals who maybe abusing medication that have been prescribed legally, this service will especially serve population who are aging and are members of the baby boomers or children of the sixties. This group of individuals may have experimented with illegal drugs and find a legal pathway to abuse prescribed medications. 


Chemical dependency assessment and referrals
Individuals who seek our services and are experiencing substance use problems will be assessed and referred to the appropriate provider in the community if the issues or problems are outside the scope of services that are provided by Albany Behavioral Health.


Case management services
The changes in the healthcare environment will require many different and unique opportunities and challenges for healthcare consumers, and providers alike. Albany Behavioral Health will provide assistance navigating the Medical Homes, and the Behavioral Health Homes models of care. Albany Behavioral Health will also work with Health Maintenance Organizations in ensuring that their members receive the best possible care at affordable costs.


DWI Screening and Referrals
Having a problem because of driving while ability impaired, or while impaired? Albany Behavioral Health will provide the necessary screening and legal referral to Attorney’s in the area that specializes in DWI cases.

Services specific to the LGBT community and families
The lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trans-gendered community in the capital region has limited agencies that provide services in an environment that is welcoming and without judgment; Albany Behavioral Health will provide additional access to care by staff members for whom the community also provides support.  


Specific services for college age students
Referral and treatment for college age individuals who are having difficulties with Opiate base medications, this can be both office base and by referrals to other community base resources.


In-home and office based intervention for families impacted by chemical dependency
Provides in-home assessment and intervention during difficult pre-treatment stages, this services will assist your love one access to needed services in or out of New York State. 


Treatment for opiate addiction using medication managed therapies
Our in-house psychiatrist will provides medication management for individuals who are abusing prescribed medication, to include individual and group therapy.


Treatment for Opiate/Heroin dependency (Buprenorphine)
This treatment is intended for individuals who are abusing heroin or other Opiate based medication (we do not provide Methadone Services).


Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT):

The service is geared toward assessing at risk behaviors that can be prevented if the appropriate intervention techniques are applied, it is about raising awareness with focused prioritizing of the problem. SBIRT is primarily utilized in chemical dependency settings but can be utilized in any healthcare environment.